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Hi guys, I'm still using (at home, just for fun) a very very old Guitar Rig 4 PRO Version on a very very old Intel based MacBook Pro mid2010. Yes, it still works! And in a great way. more OS or software updates available for the MB Pro, so it's now insecure to use it and I'm going to replace it with a MacBook Air already owned, used until today only for office purposes. It seems that GR 4 PRO is not more available for download, so I should buy the update to GR 7 PRO but I read that the minimum Intel CPU required is a Core i5, is it really true? My MB Air has a 1.1GHz Intel Core I3 processor, isn't it really enough to run GR7 PRO ? Does exist a trial version of GR7 Pro, so I can download it and try if it runs on my hardware?

Thank you for your suggerstions


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