Major problems with Kontakt GUI after updating to 7.8

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I've recently updated to Kontakt 7.8 and I'm now having some very disruptive problems with the GUI when working in Logic X 10.7.9

With the plug-in open a lot of buttons do not update when toggled/clicked. It's only when I close the Kontakt window and then re-open that the switched changes are made in the graphic interface.

For example I'm trying to access the articulation menu in Symphony Series String Ensemble . I click the articulation menu button, but nothing happens. I then close the plug-in window and re-open, after which the articulation menu is visible. If I want to change the articulations and have them update on the interface then I'll need to close and re-open the plug in a second time.

I've had similar problems with Sessions Horns Pro, Cremona Quartet. I imagine the list will go on. I just tried some Player Series instruments and I can't even access the main A-B menus, so they are basically unusable.

For now faders/knobs seem to work fine.

Is anyone else encountering this problem? It's making it almost impossible to work with Kontakt, which unfortunately for me... is basically my job.


  • Wlodzislaw
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    It seems that NI has removed this update. After updating I still have Kontakt 7.6. but libraries require 7.7, so I cannot open them anymore. So I am left with my hardware synths, much safer -;)

  • samhainesmusic
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    I have mostly used VSL until just recently where I came across Chris Hein solo strings extended and have started using Kontakt 7 Player for really the first time in one of my professional templates. I love Chris Hein's libraries as they give me a great solo voice I am looking for on this particular client project.

    Unfortunately, whenever I make any changes in the GUI, like sliding a volume fader or deselecting/selecting a setting in the vst menu, it immediately pegs the CPU at 100% and makes my whole system unusable. I have plenty of RAM, processing power and all my bits are up to date. It seems there are a variety of issues with Kontakt Player and Best Service GUI's.

    Does anyone have any suggestions?

    Thanks in advance.
  • MTW Music
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    I am using Kontakt on Windows and since the latest update the GUI is really sluggish even in stand alone mode. If I open the GUI whilst my DAW is playing back the Kontakt 7.8 plugin is very slow with the level meters updating at a very slow rate. It also causes my DAW to glitch and the position marker line in the playback window of my DAW jitters and stalls. This did not happen with previous versions of Kontakt 7. Unfortunately I did not backup the previous version of Kontakt and now I am stuck with this slow, glitchy version which is only just useable. I like to adjust the parameters in the GUI with my DAW playing back so I can mix on the fly, this is now very difficult. I have to stop the DAW open K7 (which now takes longer) adjust the params, close K7 then start playback again. Disappointing that a new update is not available yet that hopefully addresses these issues.
    Fingers Crossed...MTW Music.
  • llm1993
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    @"MTW Music" interesting to hear this. Sounds quite similar. I do sometimes have a bit of an in-between stage with my issue where the GUI does work, but is incredibly slow to react to changes. The faders often behave as you describe.

    Would be great to hear from someone at NI. I've had to just invest in Collector's Edition for a particular job, it's a shame that i'm being rewarded with a barely working product. Right now I'm just working with as few adjustments as possible, by constantly reopening the plug-in window, in the slim hope this will get a fix before I need to mix.
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    Try changing the CPU use settings for Kontakt in stand-alone app engine settings and check if it still happens - sorry I don't know if same settings are available when using in DAW or the correlation between settings as stand-alone and in DAW ! Also , I don't know the first thing about Ryzen 7700x but if there are BIOS settings for core use there that could influence the program then you might also want to look there !

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