Using East West Symphonic Orchestra (Kontakt version) on M1 Mac

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Back in 2006, I got East West Symphonic Orchestra (Gold) as my orchestral sounds to use in Logic Pro. At the time, they were played through a Native Instruments interface (I believe Kontakt). I recorded this way for 15 years.

I recently got a 2022 M1 Mac and find that Symphonic Orchestra plug-in no longer works in my old Logic projects. Today, East West sounds are played through their own interface (Play). I can replace the old sounds manually with new East West sounds and play the old tracks that way, but it's A) a lot of work to replace the sounds on dozens of tracks in hundreds of projects, and B) when I replace the sounds they often don't sound right - either I'm not picking the exact sound I used before or it's losing the effects I added to the old sounds. East West told me there's no way to play old sounds through their new Play interface and that my sounds could only be played through Kontakt, and that I'd have to contact Native Instruments about how to do that.

So my question is: is there a way for me to download a version of Kontakt that will let me play old projects that use my old EWSO sounds, and if so, how do I configure that so it'll work?

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    (I'm on Windows)

    You should be able to activate EWQLSO with Native Access. I believe there's a button saying "include Legacy" or something. If necessary try version 1.14.1 of Native Access.

    (State of the Art in its time!)

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