komplet kontrol mkiii issues / expression pedal setup

xavier 64210
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I just bought my komplet kontrol mkiii and I'm skeptical. The keyboard is great, the gui is great but I have two annoying bugs. 1 The expression pedal does not work I tested two pedals including the Yamaha FC7 and a Korg FV80. I tested all the possible connections and all the possible permutations. I also tested several control changes, it doesn't change anything. I also don't have an outgoing midi signal to an extender, for example the Bheringer Pro 800 type.
It's rather annoying given the price of the keyboard. several after-sales service tickets which remain without valid answers unless you give us a screenshot. I am a mao trainer and stage musician and specialist in remote control of Cubase 13. I think I have the required level to connect a volume pedal. I am clearly disappointed and am considering asking them for a refund.

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