SOLVED: Kontakt Keyboard Mapping And Keyswitch Colors Not Showing

Pat Erns
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Not sure why but I switched to rackview and clicked the wrench icon and then it came on... and the wrench became a cog I think? Not sure but cool!

Hello again,

First off NI and their products are amazing and I can only imagine how difficult it is to keep the ecosystem in working order.

I'm running the latest version of KK and Kontakt, on windows 11 and using Bitwig 5.1.2. KK was working fine. Couple days ago it stopped responding to either of my MIDI controllers (S88 mk2 and SL MK3), then the keys were working but the mod wheel wasn't. I opened KK standalone and then opened KK in my DAW and now mod wheels and keys are working. The light guide on the s88 is showing the colors but the Kontakt keyboard within KK is not showing anything. Not the color key or mod wheel position or keys being pressed.

Any help is appreciated.

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