Will a used A25 controller without a licence transfer work with my NI 11 Ultimate software

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I'm looking at adding a Komplete Keyboard A25 to my current setup which is Komplete 11 Ultimate and a Maschine MK2 on Mac OSX 10.15. There are some used A25 controllers for sale online however they don't come with a licence as the seller wants to retain the software. Will my software be able to fully access the keyboard as if I had it's original software or would I be missing something only available in a licence transfer?




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    The only real reason you have to register the KK keyboard at all is to get the software if you don't have it. If you already have a Komplete bundle from Komplete 10 onward, this has all the software you need already so no need to register. There is nothing that is disabled.

    The only real issue you will have is if you want to on sell it, you will not have a license to include with it. That and the fact without it being registered you may not have access to support for it since you would need it registered in your account likely to access NI technical support so you would have to rely on the forums if you had any issues.

    Technically tho, that license is suppose to be with the hardware and not for the user to "part out" tho you only get the basics with the license anyway. I believe NI can also help resolve issues if you need to register it on your account but as always in the second hand market, buyer beware.

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    Thanks JesterMgee

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