Using Komplete Kontrol S61 MKII on a DAWless setup

Lerxst Member Posts: 2 Newcomer

I have 5 external synthesizers that I intend to use with the S61 as MIDI (DIN) keyboard, with a Korg SQ64 sequencer.

So my setup is S61 OUT to SQ64 OUT to 8 port MIDI bay OUT to the synths and drum machine.

The entire point is that I want to fire everything up without connecting my computer and launching Cubase every single time (plus that with enough devices on USB MIDI, hiss and noise starts to bleed into the audio circuits).

So: Is there any way I can set up templates on the S61 and use them to select different TX MIDI channels without connecting the computer to it for doing so?

I CAN select different OUT channels on the SQ64 and play every synth , but when recording on track 1-3 on the SQ64 the keyboard will only play, sound and record whichever MIDI channel is set on track 1 on the SQ64.

Using the built in pads on the SQ64 on tracks 2 and 3, it transmit MIDI on the channels that those tracks are respectively set to, so I am quite sure the problem is on the S61.

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