Mac w Logic: Need Kontakt 6 as vst

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I use Kontakt as au component normally but now I need it as vst to start using it with the touché controller (the software Lié does only accept vst2, no au). However I have installed Kontakt 5,6, and 7 but only as au component. Any chance to get the vst onto my mac?



  • Robert Marrero
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    I upgraded my iMac and I can open Native Access, I have all my native internment in my Application but when I open Logic Pro which I upgraded I don't see Kontakt at all. Before I upgraded my soft ware I move my application information to a file to my external Hard drive. How can I put Kontakt back into Logic.

    Thank you

  • Milos
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    As far as I know, Logic cannot host VST instruments.

    It can host Audio Units, or AU for short.

    Here is the link about loading NI instruments properly for Logic Pro.

    How to Insert Native Instruments Plug-ins in Logic Pro – Native Instruments (

    Let me know if it helped.

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