Kontrol S88 MK3 - Already Recieved 2 Defective Units 🎹

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After waiting months since my initial order from early November 2023, I finally got my Kontrol S88 MK3 keyboard but it had a broken LED light over the lowest "E" key.

I brought it back to the store for an exchange. But then the replacement unit has 2 or 3 loose screws rollings around the inside of the instrument! To exchange this one, I'm being told it'll be another few MONTHS due to heavy backlogs.

I get the feeling Native Instruments was rushing these out the factory door without doing quality control checks.

Has anyone else received defective Kontrol S88 MK3 keyboards or am I having really bad luck?


  • nightjar
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    I believe the S88-Mk3's are manufactured at a different factory than the S61 and S49.

    That is presumably a factor why some of these issues aren't affecting the other sizes.

  • Matthew_NI
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    This is deeply unfortunate.

    We have thousands of units in the wild, and whilst it's fortunate we're not seeing such hardware issues at scale, that does nothing to help reassure you, particularly not after two errors.

    Would you be able to PM @Chris_NI and myself @Matthew_NI ?

    I'd like to know what your serial numbers were, if you have that information. Also what store you bought from (that could help us track down shipping), and so on. We'll make this right.

  • Donovan1979
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    Just want to update everyone to say I'm very impressed with the followup care from Matthew_NI here who tracked down both keyboards to see which shipping lot they came from and then informing his quality control team about the issues. He also went to check and reassure me another replacement model will be shipped to me sometime this February when the next shipping container arrives in Canada. I can tell he truly cares about the quality and reputation of NI products.

    Great customer service and I hope these hardware issues are fixed in the future.

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