No sound coming from Kontakt stand alone.

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So i down load the free Kontakt player.On imac (daw logic) au plug in showed only Kontakt and Kontakt 7 and one other.I used Native access2 to down load. Kontakt 7 shows all (many free bundles ,all installed and also it appears as a stand alone on computer screen My external midi keyboard (oxygen) plays AU plug-in just fine.But i do not get any sound on Kontakt 7 stand alone with all those bundles using external midi controller.Also why did not AU plug ins show all those bundles.I I am a confused Newbie.By the way iam really bad at understanding how things work.I loved the few sound that i did play.So i ordered a new imac(other one very shot and old) from SweetWater and Kontakt7 $299 and they are going to do the Kontakt installation for a few dollars more.


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    @william olson Make sure you have the proper audio interface selected in settings

    and the volume inside of Kontakt is adjusted properly

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