Editing User Loops & One Shots In Komplete 3

geiger167 Member Posts: 26 Member
edited January 25 in Komplete Kontrol

Been wracking my brains all day trying to do this. Previously prior to Komplete Kontrol 3 you could import your own loops and one shots, which invariably were untagged, and simply edit them so that they would actually be in the right category i.e loops would be in user/loops, one shots would be in user/one shots etc. Now I cant for the life of me find any way to edit these samples at all so they are all just stuck in one folder in komplete interface under one shots with no tagging, no way to sort them etc. Where is the edit control previously next to the volume slider in Komplete 2 ?? If I have 20000 samples they are literally in one folder, in alphabetical order, with no tagging at all, how am I supposed to find my way around them. Do I need to tag them outside of Komplete with another program like maschine auto tagger ? Or do I just forget about about using user loops and one shots and move on to next thing to worry about lol.

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