macOS M1 Users Wanted to help test XLN Audio Addictive Drums NKS Library

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I am looking for some willing (and capable) users who can help me test some issues have had reported in reference to the latest Komplete Kontrol v3.1 release and incompatibility with some libraries.

I have been receiving reports of issues where some NKS libraries I offer throw the "This plugin does not support migration" error when attempting to load the files BUT the same files are working just fine using KK V2.

I am looking for someone willing to help test some files that is also willing to install/uninstall V3 of the KK software as I am trying to find if the issue is definitely KK V3 or maybe due to macOS M1 machines. Of course you also need to have Addictive Drums installed and available to KK and hopefully know how to save NKS files and email them to me.

What I want to test is if the library works for you with v3 installed and then if not, if it works if you uninstall and test with v2. I will take the findings and if needed, raise a bug report as this seems to now be affecting a few libraries and could cause further issues if I can't find the cause of this.

Just PM me if you are willing to help

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