HELP!! Drum routing issue in Kontakt/Studio One 6

trevorrothhaas1 Member Posts: 1 Newcomer

I am having some issues routing my drum kit in Kontakt. The first song I did it on everything sounded and went fine, each drum component to its individual channel (Kick, Snare, Hat, etc).

I am now trying to program drums for 5 other songs and everytime I route the drums, it shows that they are registering on their individual output, but the only sound that comes through is from the overheads or rooms, and that comes through the master output and sounds bad because its from the room or overheads. Can anyone help? I have spent 2 days trying to figure this out and for some reason I cant.

Everything sounds fine coming from the master, until i route the drum to the output. For example, Kick sounds great, as soon as I route it to the kick channel the only sound for the kick is from the room and overhead mics.



  • Bernard Hankins
    Bernard Hankins Member Posts: 20 Member

    When you us the Output function in Kontakt are you using "batch, create channel from each instrument, etc" Or how are you setting up the routing?

    Also what are you using "Studio Drummer"?

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