Symphony Series Strings : "Ding" when playing E or Eb on violins

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Hey folks,

I'm finally frustrated enough to ask this question :(

I'm using more and more the Symphony Series instruments, and I keep having a tiny bell-like sound when playing E4 or Eb4 with on violins. Everything is up to date in Native Access ...

I'm transcribing Mozart's 40th symphony, and the very first note on the 1st violins is an Eb4 ... And "Ding" goes Wolfgang :( I'm pretty sure that's not what he had in mind (but who am I to discuss his genie).

I get the same bell sound whether I use the plug-in in Logic, or the stand alone version of Kontakt (and Komplete Kontrol).

Am I the only one who ever heard that ? Buggy install (for just two notes) ? Buggy instruments ?

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