Komplete kontrol 3 crashes Cubase and several more issues

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Since the update to KK3 I have several issues:

One is that after half a minute over 75% of the libraries disappear in the KK3-browser. I have to rescan to make all of the instruments visible again. Re-opening the instrument causes a repetition of the issue. Again I have to rescan the libraries.

Another is that, when I close KK3 (for instance after editing an instrument) I get a critical failure notification from Cubase.

Furthermore, every time I open KK3 in Cubase I get a different screen layout on KK3. F.i I have to switch back and forth to reach te edit-view-option. Doing that also causes most of the libraries te disappear.

I have de-installed and the re-installed KK3, without any improvement.

My system: windows 11 PC, HP Envy 34 i9, 128 GB internal memory, 64 bits.

DAW: Cubase 11 artist.

Controller: Komplete S-88 II, komplete audio 6 external soundcard.

At this point I consider version 3 a bit of a letdown, after finding my way blindly in version 2. I hope fixes are in the making.

Kind regards

Evert Heemskerk.

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