which disc to place Kontakt Player?

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After 20 years I'm updating my rig.

I've just built a modern computer with two internal SSD drives and have installed Digital Performer 11 onto my Windows 11 drive.

My other SSD drive will house Spitfire Symphony Complete, etc.

My question is: Where do I install the Kontakt Player? On the DAW drive, or on the sample library drive?

I'm assuming the Native Access program will go on the DAW disc, but didn't know if there were any performance differences based on where the Kontakt Player is installed.



  • Milos
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    Congratulations on making a computer!

    As for the Kontakt Player, you can download it anywhere, as long as any of those drives have memory.

    I recommend installing the Kontakt Player on a drive that has more free space than the other.

    Let me know how it went.

  • andrewfez
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    Okay great! Thanks Milos!

    I ended up putting it on my DAW drive as that one will have 1TB free most of the time; my other drive is 2TB but that's gonna eventually get full with libraries.

    See ya,

    Andrew Fez

    PS, the front end of the Native Access was a bit glitchy, but it eventually let me download the Kontakt 7 player. Idk, I made my own VST 32bit and VST 64bit folders next to my VST3 folder in the common files and directed Kontakt to those in my settings. Somehow Digital Performer figured it out.

    I'm currently downloading like 300GB or Spitfire libraries...

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    Standalone apps (like Kontakt, Komplete Kontrol, Battery etc) should ALWAYS be installed on your system drive.

    Content, on the other hand, can go anywhere.


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