Kontrol mk3 and Logic Pro : keyboard switches unespectedly to DAW mode

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Hi, since today, when using my Kontrol S61 MK3 under Logic pro, it switches from any mode (PLUGIN, BROWsER, or even SETTINGS MIDI) to DAW mode unespectedly, then the Kontrol Keyboard gets odd : PLUG-IN mode get stucked in a previous plug-in. I move to another track, but the screen still display the previous plug-in and control it, before switching to SDAW mode again.

  • DAW mode works 
  • BROWSER mode works
  • the KOntrol works perfectly well with Kontakt 7 and Komplete Kontrol in standalone

I tried to trash Logic caches and preferences with no effect.

Untill today it was working perfectly well, my setup didn't change, the only thing I've done is to plug a Kontrol M32 for testing, then plug the Kontrol MK3 back.

Any help ?


  • zikayan
    zikayan Member Posts: 6 Member

    Response to myself : it was a power or USB issue.

    In my setup, an Arturia Microfreak was momentary powered with usb, on a different hub, but on the same bus. Now that the microfreak is powered again with AC unit, issue with the Kontrol have disappeared. 

    That's very odd, because I had no "low power" warning on the Kontrol, I even tryed to power it with the "power only" usb port, with no change.

    Anyway, I'm back to regular use here.

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