S88 not showing up in Komplete Kontrol

tischuel Member Posts: 1 Newcomer

Hi all,

I'm trying to get the S88 to work under Windows 11.

After a long struggle I got the S88 to be recognized as device inside Win11 but I only can use it as an expensive Midi-Keyboard, it is not possible to get the device be recognized in Kontrol.

Does anybody got the same problems and does know how to get things running?



  • Mark Oxley
    Mark Oxley Member Posts: 86 Helper

    Which S88 and which version of komp kontrol? If your using the mk1 on the latest version of komp kontrol then that might be the reason it's not seeing it. Native instruments have stopped supporting the s88 mk1 and you might need to roll back to komp kontrol 2.9.6 for it to be recognised.

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