Website issues after scheduled maintenance on January 22, 2024

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Hi everyone, we've got some scheduled maintenance coming up on January 22, 2024, which means you might experience intermittent downtimes on the Native Instruments website and Native Access.

During the maintenance period, you might run into a little hiccup with the following:   

  • Logging in and accessing your account  
  • Making a purchase 
  • Activating, downloading and updating products on Native Access
  • Transferring licenses

If you happen to make a purchase during this time, please give us up to 24 hours to process and deliver your products.

We understand this may cause some inconvenience and appreciate your patience and understanding. Kindly refrain from contacting our Customer Care team as we're actively working to address the issue and will keep you updated on the progress. We’ll update this post on as soon as everything is restored to normal!



  • Milos
    Milos Member Posts: 1,836 Pro

    Today on Native Instruments News...:)

    Just kidding.

    I also had an issue couple of days ago with entering the site, it was slow.

    Plus, on some library demos you could not see the waveform.

    But it will be resolved!

    I believe in you, Kaiwan!

  • Oliver_Nunn
    Oliver_Nunn Member Posts: 1 Newcomer

    does this mean that hardware will be updated to the latest MacOS Sonoma?

  • PAP
    PAP Member Posts: 3 Member

    I am not seeing any announcement that this downtime is over yet, although the time expired over an hour ago.

    Native Access completely broken here.

  • Milos
    Milos Member Posts: 1,836 Pro

    Well...maybe you have a point there.

  • Richard Veenstra
    Richard Veenstra Member Posts: 1 Newcomer

    Any update on this? Native Access does not seem to work.

  • PoorFellow
    PoorFellow Moderator Posts: 1,554 mod
    edited January 22

    Same for me , Native Access is stuck at 'Loading Products' ! (I have not had that problem before)

    [email protected] Member Posts: 11 Newcomer

    Same for me at noon from France

  • Kaiwan_NI
    Kaiwan_NI Administrator Posts: 2,525 admin
    edited January 22

    Hi all, unfortunately we're encountering performance issues post-maintenance, and the team is now working to resolve these issues. Some of the symptoms we're observing is problems logging in and Native Access throwing "Loading Products" errors.

  • bodoblockmann
    bodoblockmann Member Posts: 8 Member

    Thank you for this. It's my free day today and now I can't run Native Access😜

  • Bowy91
    Bowy91 Member Posts: 2 Newcomer
    edited January 22

    Is their any update about the firmware software ? It doesnt work for my kontrol S61 Mk3 i have no idea how to fix this

    [email protected] Member Posts: 11 Newcomer

    They reinstall the NTKDaemonService ... When you launch Native Access !!!


  • nightjar
    nightjar Member Posts: 1,235 Guru

    Best wishes to all working on the fix this fine monday morn....

  • nightjar
    nightjar Member Posts: 1,235 Guru

    Anything "fun" or helpful we might notice after the maintenance is completed and issues fixed?

  • Naor2411
    Naor2411 Member Posts: 2 Newcomer
    edited January 22

    Just my luck. Reinstalling Windows The second Native instrument has a scheduled Maintenance.

    Still can't install anything.

  • hiero36
    hiero36 Member Posts: 1 Newcomer

    hi all

    14:51 , stuck on again on Native access "loading products"

    waiting news from the maintenance team...

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