The Issue I believe I am having - Routing Ableton Live 11 - Preferences

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Integrating various MIDI instruments and Komplete Kontrol S88 Mk2 original, no screen with Ableton Live 11 requires proper configuration of control surfaces, input, and output settings in my hybrid MIDI DAW environment. I have an issue, which is prohibiting me from controlling things (knobs, and various features of Komplete" through my Ableton on a Mac. IT DOESN"T WORK!

Here is what I did, and the questions I have:

1. Komplete Kontrol S88 Mk2 as a Control Surface:

  • Control Surface Setting:
    1. Open Ableton Live and go to "Live" > "Preferences."
    2. Under the "Link/MIDI" tab, find the "Control Surface" section.
    3. Choose "Komplete Kontrol S-Series MK2" from the Control Surface drop-down menu.j
  2. HOWEVER, under the Input and OUtput settings, the Komplete Kontrol S- in both is greyed to the background? WHY IS THAT?
  • Input Setting:
    1. In the same "Link/MIDI" tab, under the "Input" section, make sure "Komplete Kontrol S-Series DAW - 1" is enabled.
  • Output Setting:
    1. In the "Output" section, ensure that "Komplete Kontrol S-Series DAW - 1" is enabled.

2. MIDI Instruments (Kurzweil K-2500, Yamaha Montage, Roland XV5080) via MOTU Midi Express XT:

  • Input Setting:
    1. Connect the MIDI output of the MOTU Midi Express XT to the MIDI input of each instrument. - DONE
    2. In Ableton Live's "Link/MIDI" preferences, under the "Input" section, enable the MIDI input from the MOTU Midi Express XT. Does this mean the drop down menu's for Input should show MOTU, on Input and Output?, Nothing to do with Control Surface at all?
  • Output Setting:
    1. In the "Output" section, enable the MIDI output to the MOTU Midi Express XT. Again, same question as the one above?

3. Apollo Twin Interface:

  • Ensure that the Apollo Twin interface is set as the audio input/output device in Ableton Live. - Done

4. General MIDI Settings:

  • Make sure each MIDI instrument (Kurzweil K-2500, Yamaha Montage, Roland XV5080) is set to receive MIDI messages on its corresponding MIDI channel. - Please Describe exactly what this means, i.e. how to achieve this? On the Instruments themselves, or where to accomplish this?

Important Note:

  • The order of devices in the MIDI chain matters. In general, the MIDI signal flows from the controller to the instruments. Ensure that the MIDI routing in the MOTU Midi Express XT is configured correctly. - Please describe what this means exactly, and how to accomplish this correctly?
  • Check the manuals of each device for specific MIDI settings and routing information. Am trying to do this, but exactly what does this mean?

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