Kontakt 7 delays opening of standalone and vst version

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A couple of days ago I updated Kontakt to version 7 but unfortunately I can't use it, or I can, but I want to throw it out the window...

Why did I update?

I don't know yet, it's probably the habit of updating...

I trusted because it is version 7.73 not 7.0...

My Kontakt 6 opens in 2 seconds while Kontakt 7 opens in 30 seconds!

Kills my desire to use it.

30 seconds!

30 seconds!

30 seconds!

An eternity and a half equals 30 seconds!

You just have to load the program!

I'm not asking you to load a library, just the program or the vst!

There can't be much difference with version 6!

Then, once loaded, the libraries load quickly, as always.

I use Windows 10 PRO, with an Intel i7, 32 Gb of RAM and internal storage Samsung 860 PRO SSD (x2) + an HDD for Data.

All programs, vsts and libraries are on SSD.

I use Cubase 12 PRO, Live 11 STD and Maschine 2.

To make matters worse, I pay for a program to show me advertising!

Are we all crazy or am I the only one?

How can it take so long to open?

No other program or vst takes this long!

I uninstalled it and reinstalled it and it doesn't matter, it's still like a lame turtle.

Is this really the end of Native Instruments?

Where is the quality of your products?

   This is version 7.7.3!

If it were 7.0 I would understand....

I have not yet written to the technical service because they are also very very slow to respond, I am trying to solve it myself.

It smells like a problem with the damn new browser, which doesn't really help me at all.

Can someone help me not to do hara-kiri with a rusty NKS?

Thanks, any help will be welcome.



  • Milos
    Milos Member Posts: 1,856 Pro

    Did you try reinstalling Kontakt?

  • Gustaf
    Gustaf Member Posts: 25 Member

    Hi Milo, thanks for responding.

    Yes, I reinstalled Kontakt 7 twice.

    The first by uninstalling, restarting the computer and installing.

    The second is to uninstall, clean the registry with CCleanner to leave no trace, restart the computer and reinstall.

    The loading times of the standalone and vst versions are very high.

    Once opened, loading the libraries is very fast as always.

    Kontakt 6 works normally fine.

    All the best

  • Milos
    Milos Member Posts: 1,856 Pro

    Maybe it is because you have very little memory left on your computer, just my guess...

  • Gustaf
    Gustaf Member Posts: 25 Member

    No Milo...

    I have a lot of data storage and RAM.

    That's not the problem.

    I have a lot of music software, a lot, and no program or plugin gives me performance problems like this.

    It is a problem with Kontakt 7, Kontakt 6.8 works perfectly like all sound libraries that load very quickly.

  • Milos
    Milos Member Posts: 1,856 Pro

    Hmm...okay...that is a tough one...

    So, reinstalling didn't help, memory didn't help too...

    Did you say that your libraries load quickly?

  • Gustaf
    Gustaf Member Posts: 25 Member

    Absolutely...., the libraries load quickly, both in Kontakt 7 and 6.8, without problems.

    I guess the problem comes from the lack of optimization that Kontakt 7 has every time it starts loading its new browser...

    If there was at least a way to disable it and continue using only the usual browser, I think it would be a solved problem...

    Personally I find it a useless browser, but it probably works for the new NI keyboards...

    You see, in the same way that they force us to see advertising in Kontakt 7, they force us to use the new browser….

    It would have been better to have an actual product size change and a font change...

    The truth is that I dont know what to do.

  • Gustaf
    Gustaf Member Posts: 25 Member

    Also this is a shame in a PRO product, in a FREE product I accept it...but not in a PRO

  • Kubrak
    Kubrak Member Posts: 2,756 Expert

    And what about antivirus?

  • Gustaf
    Gustaf Member Posts: 25 Member

    Windows 10 PRO antivirus only...

    I thought so too, coincidentally a few hours ago I momentarily deactivated the antivirus protection, uninstalled it, restarted the computer and reinstalled...

    Without success, from failure to failure...

  • Gustaf
    Gustaf Member Posts: 25 Member

    I smell that the problem comes with the damn NKS..., that is, with the change they have made.

  • Gustaf
    Gustaf Member Posts: 25 Member

    Am I the only person experiencing these delays with kONTAKT 7?

  • grandgooroo
    grandgooroo Member Posts: 2 Newcomer

    Hi ! Same here, you are not alone...look at Vi-control tread "performance-load-difference-kontakt-6-kontakt"

  • Gustaf
    Gustaf Member Posts: 25 Member

    Thanks for responding Grandgooroo!

    I have read the entire post, I find it very illuminating in a certain aspect.

    To some extent I feel relieved...hahaha I was already thinking that I was the only one this happened to...

    Now I also reflect, and I blame myself for having gotten into NI's spiral of lies like an idiot.

    It's been a while since I've seen that NI no longer cares about the excellence of their products or their customers.

    I took the bait when, after a Native Access update, my NI libraries stopped working on K6.

    They stopped being compatible with K6, although NI sold them to me before K7 came out, obviously I bought them for K6, so NI ripped me off in my opinion.

    IF you create new libraries that only support K7, that's fine, that's your right.

    But changing support for older libraries?

    Hahaha, that's a pretty low point, man.

    A responsible company with its customers does not do that.

    It's a shame, NI was a very dear company to me, just like iZotope hahaha, you see, they change the interfaces to sell the same product over and over again, there's a reason they are now the same company.

    The technical service guys can't do anything, they take forever to answer, they answer half of the things you ask and in the end they don't solve anything for you.

    I worked as a programmer for many years, including a ****** checkbox in the settings that disables scanning and the new browser is a very simple thing to do, and that would shut us all up, leaving just the old browser.

    And if you want little lights and kitty photos in your browser, find a chair to wait for the K7 to charge... and everyone's happy!

    I reaffirm what I said before, I'm going to do hara-kiri with a rusty NKS...

    Thank you very much Grandgooroo.

  • Jeremy_NI
    Jeremy_NI Customer Care Posts: 8,896 mod
    edited February 2

    Hey @Gustaf There have been several reports of slow loading times of Kontakt 7, the Kontakt team is still investigating this issue. Let's see if we can improve the situation in your case.

    Please update to the latest version of Kontakt, it's now 7.8

    Just to be 100% sure, have you tried the following steps here? KONTAKT - Slow Loading Times and How Can I Optimize the Performance of Kontakt?

    Please also try the following: 

    • Navigate to c:program files:native instruments:service center:
    • Move all XML files to e.g. your Desktop
    • Start Native Access
    • Hit the refresh button in the top right corner
    • Close NA

    Now please start Kontakt in Standalone Mode. How long take Kontakt now in order to start?

  • Gustaf
    Gustaf Member Posts: 25 Member
    edited February 2

    Hi Jeremy, thanks for responding.

    Regarding "KONTACT - Slow loading times..." I can tell you that I checked it a long time ago, everything is correct.

    Library loading is fast and smooth on both K6 and K7.

    The problem is the "empty" charge of the K7. Both standalone and VST

    I did the process you mentioned in the XML but I didn't notice any improvement.

    Then I updated to K7 v7.8 and it improved a little, instead of 30 seconds it took 20.

    A little faster, but still frustrating, in practice I'll still use K6, which loads immediately.

    K7 will still be there, to the side like an old Chinese vase that you don't really know why you have or what to do with it.

    I will continue waiting for new versions, the only thing I hope is that they solve it in version 7.xx and not wait for the solution with version 8 when I go to checkout again to pay.

    I thank you very much for your support

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