Comparison between "full" Native Instruments effects and their Guitar Rig component versions?

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Is there more in-depth info that shows the differences between certain NI plugins and the versions of them that are in GR? I haven't been able to find this but I'm curious what may have been removed/streamlined.

In most cases I use the GR versions because the sheer power and convenience of Guitar Rig is sheer awesome. But I wonder what's different.

Like for example, Replika GR has the same 5 "Styles" as Replika XT, but doesn't have the Modulation section, presumably because GR has its own multiple Modulation FX which cover similar bases. But GR also has a related Replika Shimmer.

RAUM is an interesting one too, because the knobs appear to be accounted for, but with some layout differences to be more horizontal in GR. Likewise, the MOD PACK — CHORAL, FLAIR, PHASIS — is a more modern take that generally supercedes (?) some of the older GR components. Looks like equivalent UI but reconfigured.

(I know there's overlap too with the built-in Kontakt effects.)



  • Eddie_NI
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    If the component name inside of Guitar Rig matches the name of the separately sold plugin then they are identical with respect to the algorithms that are used and the parameters that are available to the users, e.g. Bite, Transient Master, Driver, Flair, VC160, Supercharger, Solid Dynamics. Only the user interface layout has been adapted to the Guitar Rig form factor.

    For the components that do not directly match (e.g. Replika GR) then it's a custom tailored version adapted to the Guitar Rig use case. It's still the same algorithms and sound quality but with certain constraints or additions to the available parameters or features.

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    @Eddie_NI That's an easy enough rule to follow, and makes a lot of sense. It seems like that keeps it clearer across NI's internal teams too. Thank you for the elegant answer!

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