How is there no mono legato mode for Super 8.

robertroff Member Posts: 7 Sine
edited April 5 in Massive X & Synths

What were they thinking?



  • nanotable
    nanotable Member Posts: 21 Sine

    I have no idea, but my best guess would be that NI designed it as a poly synth and didn’t bother implementing basic mono functionality. Mono legato would be a great addition, though.

  • Splicer
    Splicer Member Posts: 8 Sine

    No resizing either. Hope they don't abandon this synth. It sounds great but it's sad to see synths with no resizing options in 2022.

  • robertroff
    robertroff Member Posts: 7 Sine

    I heard it was fairly easy to do in the Reaktor version so I don't see why it would be so hard in the VST version which was based on that.

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