How to install Masive X and its expansion correctly?

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Could someone guide me on installing Massive X Expansion Factory Content Please I tried to install it by reading the forums but was unsuccessful. It would be very helpful if the folks at native instrument made tutorials on how to install the plugins and their respective extensions. Thank you.

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  • mykejb
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    How far have you got doing the install so far? You should install Massive X using Native Access - download here Native Access 2 ( What Expansion Factory Content are you referring to exactly?

    -- Mike

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    Do you mean the Massive X factory library? Then, like any other product it needs to be installed in Native Access.

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    I also installed Battery Facttory 4 and the same thing happens, the download is hosted in this folder: C:/Users/PublicDownloads and when I run the installation, it appears as a second disk, but when I open the plugin in the DAW the presets and the factory content do not appear.

    Native access can't complete the installation so it appears as if the content is still being installed 

    I did it yesterday but in Native Access it doesn't quite install:

    now I'll try it with Massive x again:

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    Cannot be installed due to failure with Batteryry 4

  • Jeremy_NI
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    Answer ✓

    If you have issues with installing, get in touch with my colleagues here:

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    Massive X not installing, it just disapeared from my DAW. I went to install it again & nothing, HELP!


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