Idea for Mainstage integration / live playing

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I have an idea for a plugin that would make the S-series an unbeatable live setup.

Unfortunately, Komplete kontrol doesn't allow me to do custom setups with multiple sounds across one or two keyboards - so I have to rely on Mainstage to make that happen.

I would like to see NI make a plugin that could go on a channel strip in Mainstage (or any other DAW). This plugin would go in an effects slot after the instrument slot - let's call it "Komplete Live Control" - and allow me to enter a patch name that would be sent to the keyboard once that patch is loaded in Mainstage. It would also let me define the key split range for the layers on the currently selected Mainstage patch, and let me choose which colors for the key lights to match that key split. Even cooler would be if I were able to select from a list of background colours or images to accompany the patch name in the main window (or better yet, add your own)!

That way when I change patches in Mainstage, the name of the Mainstage patch would be shown in large font on the S-series screen, and the key lights would show me the key splits. If I had 2 s-series keyboards - imagine if I could send this information to both simultaneously (ie. First Song Title: Horns + Piano, First Song Titles: Organ).

This would be the ultimate live set up for me. Would this work for other? And is this that hard to do?

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