Connection Kontrol S61 Mk3 To Logic Pro for Newbies

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I have a new S61 Mk3 that I'm trying to understand the correct way to connect it into logic so that I can use Kontakt and the apps as well as the DAW of Logic Pro 10.7.9 (I'm using the Trial which is at that version)

When I fire up Logic Pro on my M1 Max MacBook Pro running Sonoma initially everything seems too e working. I add a software instrument, Kontakt 7, and then the keyboard loads up the browser.

First time I set it up the Settings window popped up and there are three versions of KONTROL S61 there - the Main, DAW, and Ext.

I picked my instrument on the keyboard (The Grandeur - Basic) and everything is fine. Plug-IN is lit, and I can manage the plug in, keys play and sound routes correctly.

However, if I hit the DAW button to control Logic in anyway, the display shuts off, and no buttons work. DAW is lit, STOP is lit, the display goes off, settings/MIDI is lit, and the two arrows are lit.

I can't hit plugin or browser to continue in kontakt, non of the play/stop buttons work, metronome etc.

Am I misunderstanding how that should work, or am I missing a setting? I searched YouTube and the video is for the Mk2 and I can't find a Mk3 video.



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    Trekkie Member Posts: 12 Member

    OK. I figured it out.

    Somehow in my setup either I missed the 'import' question (two screens) or I removed it.

    I re-created the control surfaces by re-importing it from the keyboard, and now it seems to be working as I expected.

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