I'm happy to announce leaving Komplete Kontrol

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Since the debacle of Komplete Kontrol 3.x, i felt the urge to look for alternatives.

At first i was trying to find something similar to Komplete Kontrol (like Bluecat Audio Patchwork), but was unsatisfied, and thought i'll wait a year till Native Instruments fixes KK.

Until i realized: wait a second, there's a Software&Hardware combination already available for my specific usecase! It's done via Bitwig and the Novation SL MK3.

I will make a video about that workflow in the future on my YT Channel @sternenherz, in case any Bitwig users are interested :)

Compared to Komplete Kontrol, the Browsing experience in the Keyboard-Display is subpar due to smaller Display-Size. But that's the one and only downside. The upsides are:

  • For the first time in years, i enjoy a direct synergy between my Hardware and my DAW, all VST Plugins, and all DAW Plugins, and all DAW remote control Pages! Unlike with Komplete Kontrol, i can use the Browsing experience as "insert a new device of my choice" into the device chain of any Track.
  • Since i'm creating custom presets for Bitwig devices anyway, it just feels so meaningful/logical to simply re-creating my custom VST Library i made in Komplete Kontrol in Bitwigs internal Browser. Everything in one system, everything ready to load in one Browser.
  • Browsing and inserting Samples (Oneshots and Loops) is possible
  • Thanks to Bitwigs "Live Preview" Feature, i can listen to VSTs in the Browser, even before confirming their loading into the device chain.
  • The loading times are a bit better, compared to Komplete Kontrol
  • No more forced usage of Kontakt 7!
  • No more dependence on Native Instruments 'grace' to fix things they broke themselves. (To repeat my main issues with 3.x: 1. Forced usage of either browser OR Pluginview. 2. Forced usage of Kontakt 7 and WORSE loading times overall, which are workflow-breaking considering live-performance. 3. Custom Library editing got impaired instead of improved (!), breaking the core of my workflow. 4. Hiding parameter values in KKmk3 displays until touching the knobs is a UX failure 5. Hiding Keyswitches from the Display in mk3 is another UX failure. 6. Lack of good communication on NIs end, not listening enough to user feedback since years, no visible future vision for a better product 7. more.)

I'm happy to consider looking into Komplete Kontrol again, when NI gets things fixed and severely improved, proving a future vision based on User Feedback and intelligent UX design.

I still love Native Instruments Products in general and will keep buying them, except the broken ones, haha.

All the best,



  • Keith Cocker
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    Whatever! 😀

  • Kymeia
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    You might be interested in this since you are creating Device Panels - there are tons already created


  • nowiamone
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    Oh wow, you even said this already half a year ago "To be honest I see this as a viable alternative to the Komplete Kontrol software as Bitwig also has a very capable Browser built in and is able to actually read and browse preset formats natively that Komplete Kontrol can't [...]" Of course you were only refering to the software, not hardware alternative - but still very fascinating that this was already written in this NI forum here :D Btw. i asked drivenbymoss whether he would be able to make use of the Komplete Kontrol Display (for browsing or to show Bitwig parameters etc.), but doesn't seem like that will ever be possible. Hence my change to the SL MK3 :)

    Thanks for the link for the Pre-mapped devices, i will look into it! Very nice! I think with my top 10 VSTs, i'll have to go the hard/stony route though, mapping them completely on my own, as i have my own concept about where i want to have which parameter :) It's a lot of work, but also a very rewarding work. :)

  • Kymeia
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    Mapping in Bitwig is much easier and more enjoyable than in Komplete Kontrol - you can move pages around freely and even tag pages - it also applies to whenever the plugin is loaded if you go for device level mapping, but you can also create custom mapping per preset. You can also map the same param to different pages so as to create an easy edit type front page for example

    It’s really what the NKS editor should be and can do things I have been pushing for, for years

    The main limitation is the process of export and importing mappings is hidden away from users so it took me a while to figure out a way to do that

    And yeah no browser integration but you can use arrow keys on your QWERTY keyboard for some semblance of hardware control

    I agree it is worth doing it yourself for favourites as you know best where you want everything although with the ease of moving pages and editing them it is also much easier to edit an existing one as a starting point

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