Kontakt 7: Kontakt Factory Library 2 vs 1 - do I need both?

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Greetings fellow NI users! THis is a question about the Kontakt Faxctory Libraies.

Specifically: Does the Kontakt Factory Library 2 replace the Kontakt Factory Library?

I have the Kontakt Library installed, and use sounds from it pretty regularly. Does the Kontakt Library 2 contain updated versions of everything in Library 1? Or do I need/want both? I'd prefer to conserve disk space, especially if Library 2 has updated versions of the same sounds. Can't find any info about this on the FAQ pages or in teh manuals.

Many thanks in advance!

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  • Milos
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    You most likely need Factory Library 2.

    You can keep the first library as a souvenir tho.

    Unless if you don't have much memory left, then you can delete the first library.

    Let me know if it helped you.


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