When Kontakt will be based on library ID instead of fixed pathes?

pbthrash Member Posts: 32 Member

I noticed that Kontakt, even when we're talking about default libraries, using fixed path for every sound! Not library name (ID) that points to library location, but the worst method like "F:\Native Instruments\LibraryName\Samples\something.wav". This way projects are very hard to transfer to another computer!

Who else makes in 2024 that type of software?

And problem is not only with transferring project to another computer (when, for example, me and my friend wants to work with the same project together), but also when user adds drive to his system and wants to move all libraries to new drive, leaving system in main drive.

In proper written software every library should have unique ID. I understand that 3rd party libraries for full Kontakt may cause problem, but registered official library? That ID should point Kontakt to proper directory on local computer, then Kontakt should read files from that path. But no - it forces me to use specific drive letter and path.


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