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After a long wait my KK s49 mk3 just arrive...and its driving me crazy :/.

I need to asign cc to control my Access Virus ti, but so far i cant do it.

first i try the controller editor 2.8.2, i create the template but the button Connect is unaccesible, and template doesnt load on Keyboard...says default Midi template.

second, i try komplete kontrol softaware but y can find any midi template panel. I just found the midi learn and also i cant assign any to virus ti.

Please help me, i been reading a lot, but so far i cant find a proper answer.



  • Vic Angelo
    Vic Angelo Member Posts: 103 Advisor

    At the current moment this is not possible on the new Kontrol MK3, there is no MIDI template editor of any kind.

    They launched the product without this feature so you are stuck with the default template for now. According to updates from the NI team eventually in the future there will be an update.

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  • Member Posts: 6 Member

    Anybody from the NI staff here? when will be the release of the controller editor for MK3?

    For me, the MK3 is complety useless without it...i think its basic to have one.

  • Jazzzy100
    Jazzzy100 Member Posts: 6 Member

    If they were a start up company and did something like that, due to a small budget, one might be inclined to cut them some slack. But they fully understand the need for midi mappings and templates. That’s why they came up with their NKS format in the first place; to provide a more efficient way to MIDI map. And they clearly do have the budget. However, they also know that there are a lot of other software that we use that requires manual mapping with a template. This is where this is unforgivable because it’s deliberate. They are basically saying use our NKS format and when we think about it we’ll give you a template editor but in the meantime go spend $1500 and buy our controllers and wait. I really wish I hadn’t.

  • Maciej Repetowski
    Maciej Repetowski Member Posts: 369 Pro

    Nah, they just released it half finished, with many functions to be made available later, as firmware updates. They call it “prioritisation of features”.

    IMHO, they’ve chosen their priorities wrong. A controller without programmable midi mapping is not a controller. Oh well, if you’re willing to wait, they will get there sometime this year.

  • Matthew_NI
    Matthew_NI Product Team Posts: 682 mod

    We chose our priorities based on what a majority of our users use, and don't use.

    Inevitably, that will be frustrating for some.

    All I can do is be transparent about what we did, when we did or will do it, and why.

  • Maciej Repetowski
    Maciej Repetowski Member Posts: 369 Pro

    It’s not frustrating, it’s just disappointing.

    I wrote “IMHO”, it’s my subjective point of view.

    Also, in my opinion, NI should have waited until all planned features were completed and have Mk3 series released then. The product feels rushed to the market, that’s all.

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  • Matthew_NI
    Matthew_NI Product Team Posts: 682 mod

    Not as many as use the integrated mapping for the NKS ecosystem, or features like MIDI Learn in Logic and Ableton for instance.

    However, it is still very important, and coming soon.

  • Emmer80
    Emmer80 Member Posts: 4 Member

    Kai, I'm with you that it is a frustrating compromise they made. I just hope "soon" means within the next couple weeks but I'm not holding my breath. Not being able to change the midi channel on the keyboard is particularly detrimental to my setup.

    Please, NI, you've made an awesome piece of hardware, now give it the functionality it deserves. 🙏

  • Mark Oxley
    Mark Oxley Member Posts: 91 Helper

    Just glad I did my research before rushing out to get my hands on one. No one from NI are ever going to admit what a lot of us already know. It simply was not komplete when it was released.

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