Komplete Kontrol not loading in Logic

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I can't get Komplete Kontrol (KK) to load in Logic 10.8.1 on a Mac M1 OS Ventura 13.6.1

Above in a picture of the screen I get when I try to instantiate KK. I've tried deinstalling KK and reinstalled it just to be sure. I get the same result as the photo above. This is particularly annoying as I just spent a lot of money on a new MKII keyboard with the hope of enjoying all the new functionality! I would appreciate any assistance. Thank you!


  • Project10
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    I’m having the same issue (one of many) trying to set up KK with Logic 10.8.1 Mac M3 OS Sonoma

    I’m beginning to think that there is no solution until the NI software lines up with Apple's which I read could take months. Full disclosure NI, is that the case? Am I flogging a dead horse trying to overcome so many connection issues?

  • Matthew_NI
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    Please update to KK 3.1.1

    Per the release notes:

    FIXED: An issue causing an empty black window in Logic Pro

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