Parameter jumps after changing presets

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After changing presets in Komplete Kontrol, I'm seeing parameter values jump when turning knobs on my Kontrol S61 mk3 keyboard.

When I select a preset in Komplete Kontrol, the knob positions on the keyboard's screen, the top of the Komplete Kontrol window, and in the plugin itself are updated to show the correct values. But when I turn physical knobs on the keyboard the values often jump, and all of the onscreen displays jump too. From that point forward, the knob positions and onscreen displays remain in sync and the values don't jump again until I select a different preset in Komplete Kontrol. Multiple knobs are affected, and the values also jump when using the mouse to move the Komplete Kontrol knobs and the knobs in the plugin.

Here's some info on my setup: Komplete Kontrol 3.1.0, Kontrol S61 mk3, Komplete 14 CE, macOS Sonoma 14.2.1, Ableton Live 11.3.13 and 12.0b23, Mac mini 2023 M2 Pro. All plugins running in native Apple Silicon mode, using VST3.

It happens with multiple plugins, 1st and 3rd party. I'm able to consistently reproduce it with the following steps.

1) Load the "2 Sided Story" patch in Arturia Augmented Grand PIANO

2) Twist the first four knobs, they all remain in sync

3) Load the next patch ("80's Heartbreak")

4) Twist the first four knobs, they all remain in sync

5) Load the next patch ("1949 Vinyl Felt")

6) Twist the first four knobs. The values jump on most, if not all 4 of the knobs.

7) Load the next patch ("1981 Digital Harp Piano")

8) Twist the first four knobs. The values jump on most, if not all 4 of the knobs.

The same issue happens consistently with MONARK, NOIRE, and many other first and 3rd party plugins from Arturia, KORG, Synapse Audio, GForce.

I have not seen it happen with Diva 151015, which includes support for NKS2. But it does happen with REPRO-1 12092 and REPRO-5 12092.

I have also not seen it happen when running Komplete Kontrol standalone. I have turned off all other MIDI controllers and external devices and removed their settings from Ableton to try to rule out any conflict with another device but that didn't make a difference.

Is anyone else seeing similar behavior?


  • Garion2K
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    The problem does not happen in Logic Pro 10.8.1 either, so it appears to be something with the Ableton integration and Komplete Kontrol 3.1.0, at least on my setup. Does anyone using Ableton on a Mac not have this problem?

  • Garion2K
    Garion2K Member Posts: 7 Member

    I've narrowed this down to running the VST3 version of Komplete Kontrol in Ableton. The problem doesn't happen when I use the AUv2 version in Ableton. The VST3 version works fine in Bitwig, so the issue appears to be related to how Ableton works with the VST3 plugin.

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