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Ok... I feel like I am loosing my mind here...

I can use a FCB1010 to change through presets fine, but only when "Curated" is selected.

Is there not a way to have the same MIDI patch change control over USER presets?

Unless I am totally missing something here I can find no way to get anything other than the next preset/previous preset to fire for the USER presets (via midi learn assignments)...

I mean this seems a bit odd at this point in the game to not have something bank/patch friendly...

Clue me in if I am missing the obvious?




  • Gandi
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    No. Not at the moment. Switching leads to useless results.

    From my point of view, this is a bug that I already reported in the old forum.

  • Kaiwan_NI
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    @Jeremy_NI do you mind verifying if this is a bug and not something that can be achieved by MIDI learn?

  • Jeremy_NI
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    Hey there, the only available functions available for a non Komplete Kontrol keyboard are as follows:

    There is no MIDI learn for User / Factory switch, it can't really be considered as a bug as the function was never implemented. That would mean a feature request that I'm happy to forward.

  • Stuart Park
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    I'm not 100% clear on what you are trying to achieve here. I am also using an FCB1010 to scroll through (user) presets and I have my sort setting on 'abc'. Do you want to be able to step through JUST user presets or do you want to switch between two lists of presets - i.e. use a pedal to move from 'factory presets only' to 'user presets only'?

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