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Perhaps I am missing something glaringly obvious but how do I get playbox sounds/presets etc. to sync to the tempo of my DAW (Studio One in my case)?

For example - I found a really nice preset called New Adventure. I tweaked the effects very slightly. and changed only 1 aspect of the sample. While playing around with the sound it was great so I decided to record it. The tempo in the Daw was set to 90 bpm but the sound clearly is not 90 bpm. I used my built in BPM figure outer (i.e. my brain) and it is somewhere about 140 bpm. So setting the daw to 140 and playing the sound again, there is clearly some aspects of it that are tempo synced but now it sounds "wrong" and doesn't line up like it did when the daw was at 90 bpm. But 90 BPM is too slow. What gives? Any way to fix this? What am I missing?


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    Jef Gibbons covered this very well in his review of Playbox recently at around 7 minutes in:

    As usual he does a great job of explaining something tricky in an accessible way.


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