Komplete Kontrol S Series MK3

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I can't seem to get help on this anywhere. I recently purchased the UVI / Native Instruments bundle. The issue is, I can't get the UVI products to appear in my browser on the keyboard. I can retrieve it on my desktop by launching UVI as a VST within Komplete Kontrol but if I knew that before, I wouldn't have bothered buying it. What I love about this keyboard is that when I'm flowing, I don't look at my computer. This wrinkle defeats the purpose. Any solutions out there?



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    You need to download the nks file installers on your uvi download portal, then they will appear in kontrol. I did it the other day, there is an installer on the portal for each instrument e.g. fm suite/8 bit suite/emulator etc. They are not installed unless you do this for each instrument :)

  • Smokinjoe45
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    Thank you!

  • Matthew_NI
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    You also need to open KK standalone, after full installation, and do a plug-in rescan, so that it can be fully aware of the new content.

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