Kontakt favorites PATCHES?

pbthrash Member Posts: 32 Member

I spend some time and I give up.

Is adding star to preset in this modern new library view is really the only way to add preset to favorites?

I find that "great" quick load can't store single presets, just whole libraries. There is no option to add preset to quick load (other than drag&drop it from library list on the left, but then - some libraries have presets inside, so it's pointless - if I like some preset from, for example, "Glaze", I can... add whole "Glaze" to quick load? what a...).

I don't really want to add to favorites presets without possibility to play/test them (only based on preview sound), so this new look with list is not what I am looking for.

Why is everything so overcomlicated in Kontakt? Thousand of possibilities and it's not possible to create list of best presets?

I must don't see it.

If someone knows how to do that in normal, classic view (preferable in Kontakt 6, because I don't want advices like I can find in YouTube when someone shows me obvious things that in Kontakt 7 I can click on star) - I would be happy.

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