Guitar Rig 6 & M-Audio interface - inputs show not connected

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I have launched standalone Guitar Rig 6 and selected USB Audio Codec as device. On doing so, the inputs dropdowns show "not connected". Hitting the dropdown arrow provides no other option than not connected. No input signal shows in Guitar Rig. Is there any solution or is the M-Audio, M-Track Solo interface incompatible with GR6? It works fine with GarageBand and Peavey Revalver 4.

I get sound from GR6 if I select Built-in (i.e., microphone). It just doesn't seem to recognise M-Audio interface.

See attached shot of what I am seeing in preferences. The second grey dropdown is what I see on clicking.



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  • Gandi
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    This is also how it is displayed for me if I haven't connected my sound card. GR recognizes the driver for the sound card, but cannot connect to an input or output.

    In my case, the message is correct.

    Can you access the sound card via the operating system (Windows etc.)?

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    I am using a MacBook. I’ll have a look for soundcard parameters. Maybe in Audio MIDI Setup app? Thanks.

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    SOLVED - Bizarrely, NI haven’t managed to make Guitar Rig 6 work with macOS Monterey. So that’s that. Took some finding out - why not flag up in download area that GR6 doesn’t work with one of the major contemporary OS?

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