Which USB cable works for Kontrol S61 MK3?



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    Well, it's 100% not just a "cable" thing.

    1. ✅ If i use the original KKS cable connected to my M1 Macbook Air everything works fine, no external power required.
    2. ❌ If i use my M1 USB-C (that came with the MBA power brick) connected to my 1st M1 MBA USB-C port the keyboard powers ON but does not connect to KK3, it gets stuck in MIDI Mode.
    3. ✅ If i use the my M1 USB-C cable (same as #2) connected to my 2nd M1 MBA USB-C port than keyboard powers ON and works fine.
    4. Zero USB-C Cables I own work with a USB Type A cheap adaptor I have connected to the MBA via a USB-C hub's with Type A ports.

    But all of the above works fine if I use external power, with both my laptop (apple) and phone (15W generic brand) chargers.

    More interestingly: for the cases it does not work without external power, if i provide it then unplug it stays working and the screen just dims a bit.. So the lack of power seems to be only on boot! 🤷‍♂️ 🤔 what the....

    On my 2nd computer (desktop) that does not have USB-C ports (only USB3) absolutely none of my cables (USB-A to C) is able to power the device to boot by itself, but again if i provide external power at boot and after remove it then it works... lol.

    It's normal for computers to spike power usage on start, so it's either that or a bug, not sure... But this is def NOT normal.

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    @Ojustaboo said:

    More to the point is I don’t trust many of the power supply’s on Amazon and there’s plenty of YouTube vids etc showing people knowledgeable in electronics, tearing them down and saying they should never be on sale as they’re lethal/under rated etc

    For low wattage phone chargers it's not a huge deal, but that's very true and I would not recommend amazon for this type of stuff, they mostly sell rebranded aliexpress/alibaba stuff for some random to make thousands dropshipping, tons of the same low quality stuff all with different logos, literally. Some stuff has quality but it's very hard to know in advance.

    This is the kind of thing I highly recommend buying in your local phone/electronics store, from reputable brands and not trying to save 5 or 6 bucks on, because it's about 20/30 bucks anyway...

    If you must buy online because you live in a remote location or something than buy from a reputable online store/brand, from your country.

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    NI should have used a normal AC power supply on this product, given all the difficulties with USB-C.

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    In my experience then some USB C to A adapters is worth nothing. I don't have any USB-C ports on my old rig but I have more cellular /mobile phones with USB-C so I have experience with the adapters. I bought (more ?) economically priced adapters (short like a small USB stick , USB-A male to USB-C female) that didn't work , then sent for the expensive one of same brand as the phone which worked. Now the really funny thing is , come to think of it, all the the factory-made cables that I have bought that were USB-C male to USB-A male have worked for both data and charging. On the other hand then they have all been bought from local stores so they could be from same source even if in different packaging.

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    This, 100%.

    Power delivery should have been via normal power adapter with normal socket, the adapter should have been included in the box, period.

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    Finally got mine working (though sensing a bit of a delay in playing speed with some of the plugins) BUT its working!!! I ended up buying an Anker USB-C Data Hub (11-in-1, 10Gbps) Model Number: A8308 and Anker USB-C to USB-C Cable (10 ft, 240W, Braided) Model Number: A81C7 which allowed me to have a longer USB cable which is the problem I needed to solve. The supplied USB cable worked just fine, problem being it wasn't long enough for my setup. I did also switch to some JSAUX 100W USB C to USB C Cable 10FT cab;es with no change in performance. The hub has two 30W 5Gbps ports which I'm using and its plenty of power for the keyboard to only require the single cable.

    I'll continue to do some more testing to see where the delay may be coming from and will update at a later time. I'm VERY excited this worked!

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