My Komplete Kontrol S88 no longer works with the latest KK update 3.10

WaySide Rogue
WaySide Rogue Member Posts: 3 Member

My S88 has been turned into a slave board by this update. Lights no longer change to the selected VST. There is no control from the navigation buttons or knobs. This would be a very expensive board if it could only be used as a slave unit (Keys only) Does anyone else have this problem?? Has Native Instruments turned my beautiful board into a legacy unit??


  • Digitalocean
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    Wow. Anything else changed in your set up. I'm using a 66 S2 I think with no issues. I'm sure you have don all the usual updates. Bummer

  • Reefius
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    I'm guessing your keyboard is an MK1? They are no longer supported by the KK 3.x software.

    More info in this thread:

  • Matthew_NI
    Matthew_NI Product Team Posts: 682 mod

    You can install KK 2.9.6 to maintain functionality. That is available in the above thread ^^^

  • WaySide Rogue
    WaySide Rogue Member Posts: 3 Member

    I am terribly bummed out now with the realization that my 1300 dollar board will now be stuck in time. I looked on the bottom of the unit and it is an S88 (There is no MK) The extra bonus is that once I returned it to 2.9.6 it would not recognize Kontak 7 so it can’t load. So I uninstalled 7 (I actually liked 6 better) and it was like ol times…..HOWEVER…….I had purchased a Komplete Standard update on 12.17.22 and in it was many new VST’s that only work with Kontak 7…..This dilemma will only exacerbate as I compose new tracks in my DAW.

    Is there a work around to get Komple Kontrol 2.9.6 to recognize Kontak 7????

  • Ojustaboo
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    I know it doesn’t help you, but I have 2.9.6 and kontakt 7 works fine, just telling you so you know it can be sorted, hopefully someone else can give you advice on how to fix it.

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