Battery 4 - master track clipping

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quick question why is the sound on the Battery "master" track clipping but no clipping on my drum folder track or on the project Master track in Reaper?

I've attached screen-shots of my mixer, Battery routing, and Battery interface.

Perhaps I need to lower the "master" volume in the Battery interface?




  • Milos
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    Well, you should lower the volume if the volume of your laptop or computer is high.

    I always mix on a mid or low volume on my Win11, regardless of the volume of each individual track.

    You can experiment with different mixing techniques as well.

    I mix with the laptop volume of 30%.

    For the DAW and my little sensitive ears (autism), as long as the laptop volume is around 30% and as long as there is no red color on the waveform, the mix will be excelent!

    Let me know if it helped and have a nice day!

  • Milos
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    If you want a more punchy track, you can increase the volume of Battery 4 track but reduce the DAW volume.

    The volume of the track can work as a gain for the master volume!

    Think of it that way!

    Experiment with compression as well!

  • Uwe303
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    do you have any fx behind battery somewhere in the chain.

  • JMTee
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    thanks for the suggestions, no fx in the chain behind Battery that I can think of, ok, I also noticed that the track in Reaper with the Battery instrument plugin that looks to be clipping was measuring the meter in "multiband peaks", but when I set the meter for that track to "Volume" or anything else then there's no clipping

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