"Ans Ende" Preset does not load up sometimes (Massive X Bug?)

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Hey guys, This issue happens intermittently after loading my project and I find that the Massive X Preset "Ans Ende" from the Mechanix Expansion does not load up properly. All you can hear is a extremely faint and muffled low-end bass sound instead of the actual sound. Changes I have done to this preset also do not load up properly.

What I have done to troubleshoot

Saving the preset as a custom user preset does not help.

I have tried moving the knobs and nothing changes.

I have compared a working instance of Massive X with the same preset and the settings are 100% identical.

I have created a new fresh project file and same thing happens

Current Workaround:

The only thing that helps is if I reload the presets.

Sometimes the project file loads up fine, but most of the time I see this failure in Massive X

other notes

I am convinced it is the only preset that this happens to, I have tested other presets multiple times.

Have any of you faced this before? I recently installed Massive X so I cannot say this problem was not present before. Any help, helps! Thanks!


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    I wasn't able to reproduce the issue. Can you share 2 tiny small projects? One with the original preset and one with the preset saved as a user preset.

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