Studio Drummer - change reverb output?

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Have managed to set up Studio Drummer so it routes the drums to separate outputs in my (DAW). Output 1 is supposed to be just the kick but it's also got the Studio Drummer reverb routed to it. I see now way of changing the output of the reverb? Am I missing something?


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  • Milos
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    Could you please send the screenshot, sir?

    I can maybe help you if you show a bit more info.

  • reggie
    reggie Member Posts: 16 Member

    Sure, thanks for the help. So for the individual drums, there's the option to route the output with the following menu, (eg: this is for the kick):

    The reverb has no such option (so it's always sending to output 1):

  • Milos
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    Yeah, it seems it doesn't.

    But there is an alternative that might help you (say if I missed something).

    Click on the View on your Kontakt Tab, then click Outputs.

    Then just make multiple channels:

    Then you can edit the channels for each drum sound, and you can add up to 4 effects for each of them.

    I had the similar case with the drum kits from Factory Library 2 and it helped me a lot.

    Let me know if it helped, good sir.

  • reggie
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    Hi @Milos,

    Thanks. I think I see what you're saying which is to just mute the reverb and add one separately to the extra output? That could work.

    What i've realised since posting is I can just shift all my outs 1 up ie: assign the kick to output 2 (rather than 1), then snare to 2 and so on. This leaves output 1 unassigned to any drums but seen as reverb is 'hardwired' to output 1, out 1 can just become the reverb return. So I found a solution with your help, thank you again! Much appreciated.

  • Milos
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    No problem, good sir.

    Think in a more creative ways.

    It can help you in life.

  • EvilDragon
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    Answer ✓

    That is exactly how I would do it - start routing mixer channels individually from output 2 onwards, leaving the main output for all the other unroutable things to go to output 1.

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