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Hi everyone,

I would like to know if someone can help me regarding Kontakt inside of Komplete.

I have Kontakt 7 loaded inside of Komplete, and I have a few instruments loaded in a multi rack (my aim is to have many instruments in a multi rack with outputs to different midi tracks in Ableton). My issue is, I would like to be able to switch between instruments somehow from the komplete kontrol hardware if possible within kontakt, and be able to manipulate the parameters of whatever instrument I am on in Kontakt from the Komplete Kontrol keyboard. Is this possible? Right now, I can only control the parameters of the first instrument loaded into kontakt. Is it possible to switch to the next instrument in the multi rack, and still be able to manipulate the parameters of the next instrument with my komplete kontrol keyboard?

If this is not possible, I think this is a huge drawback to using both komplete and kontakt, since with Komplete you can only load one instrument in at a time, while with kontakt you can load up one instance, and rack many different instances routed to different midi tracks in Ableton.


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    Sad to say, it cannot be done as it is a design flaw of Komplete Kontrol. You simply need to stick to single instances to get full keyboard functionality.

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