Looking for a less tedious way to rename tracks (typically for large Orchestral libraries)

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Does anyone have any workflow or automated way to rename tracks (ideally in bulk) when making templates?

I typically build numerous instruments in Kontakt and have to copy and paste the instrument names from Kontakt into the track name. At present, my most efficient method is:

1. I create all my Kontakt instruments without naming the tracks in Reaper, usually 50-100 instrument tracks at a time.

2. In the Kontakt Instrument, I select all, then Copy (then escape to deselect or else paste back over) (using keyboard shortcuts at least)

3. Click back on the track in Reaper and use my "Paste to instrument name from Clipboard action".

First of all, I would like to be able to automate the above process. So I can do this with just one or two keyboard shortcuts. But I still have to click the mouse into the Kontakt instrument name slot which is tedious.

What would be better than that even would be to be able to paste in instrument names from a file or text list into each track name. For example, I can get the list of instrument names from the manual or file items and compile a text file. Another option could be to automate a copy line by line in a file and then use clipboard history to paste in the track names using a macro recorder.

Does anyone have anything like this set up? Or even just a section of this? It would make our template building so much less tedious! I would really appreciate any suggestions and I would be happy to share macros so we can construct an automated process.


  • Simchris
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    In logic i just name all my tracks in my main template with default mutes and color coding and my main preset kontakt instruments, then section of float instruments that i can load wildcard instrument librarires but name already set, like brass short, or brass long, or action strings, or risers, etc. likely not whatyou were thinking, but its what i do.

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