Pitch bend / Mod wheel acting weird (not mapped to the right CC I guess) in Komplete Kontrol

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I own a Komplete Kontrol M32 and a Kontrol S61 N MK3. When using Komplete Kontrol, loading a Kontakt instrument that supports both pitch bend and mod wheel I have weird behaviours. When using these wheels (or the strips on the M32) rather than doing what there are supposed to do the left stripe / wheel tries to go on a new effect slot, the right one simply scroll through the other presets. It's really annoying and goes against what a controller like komplete ones are meant to do, ease the workflow while creating.

It does act as intended when using standalone Kontakt. Only Komplete Kontrol is affected (both standalone and as VST).

It is a Komplete Kontrol issue for sure since both my units are affected and I know for sure M32 was working well before.

Another proof is loading a Kontakt instrument in Maschine 2 and playing it with my keyboard (and wheels) works as intended.

Any clue about this issue?

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