Instruments Quick-Load is empty!

Richard S
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I realize I could research an answer for this on Google, but there have been so many changes lately, that I think it's better to ask here.

I'm using Kontakt 7.7.3, with my files stored here, on Mac Sonoma:

When I go to some of the instruments, I often see this message:

Can someone explain to me, what this means?



  • Kymeia
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    It means there should be a drop down menu there containing all the libraries you have added to the Quickload browser, but it won't show if the Quickload browser is empty. To add some open Quickload browser (rightclick anywhere in the rack view space, use cmd + F or open from the View menu) and add some folders (you can just drag them in from Finder/Explorer - the nice thing is you can add any libraries, including those that are too old to show in the rack itself, so I use this add all my older libraries). Once the browser is populated you can either keep it open and use it to browse patches, or close it and load them from the menu in your screenshot

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