How do you edit Kontakt library categories in Komplete Kontrol?

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Im trying to change categories of the Komplete Kontrol instruments like noire, Alicias keys, session strings pro 2 etc... I've successfully changed the categories through .json files but the old categories (such as sampled instruments) with the instruments (noire, Alicias keys, and session strings pro 2 are still present how do you remove them and in what file can you edit that?


  • JesterMgee
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    I think the category is held within each NKS file itself so it's not easy to just edit that out unless you know how to edit binary files.

    You can make an SQL query and use a utility to just change it within the database file BUT this is a temp solution and it will be lost when you next scan the instrument in question using the library scanner, however (if you have the knowhow) you can make an "update script" and place all the SQL queries in it to make changes for all these kinds of changes which you just run after each library update that reverts back... It's actually far easier to do that than to edit the NKS files themselves.

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