Hiding Libraries per instance-project in Logic Pro x

Troy Sterling Nies
Troy Sterling Nies Member Posts: 2 Member

I am creating templates for specific genres and would like to hide library instances in Kontakt 7.

Currently, if I hide a library in Kontakt 7 it hides it globally.

I created separate projects in logic to test this and it appears to be a global change. I even closed the hiden library project, closed Logic, reopened and created a new project and instance of Kontakt 7 and the hidden library was there.

I want to do this to streamline my flow per particular genre. As it stands if I have to go looking for a library I have to scrolls (and when you have over a hundred, that time adds up).

I realize that I can use the search functions etc in Komplete control etc, but I want to set it an forget it ideally.

Does anyone know of a workaround and if not, I'd like to toss this in for a considered future feature.

Thank you and Happy New Year!


Troy Sterling Nies, composer




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