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I only play live with GR6, using delays & tremolos for guitar and vocals... It's brilliant when seted perfectly on tempo. I can't do it perfectly with my midi footswitch (tap is on/off/on... and not on/on/on...) Any idea that GR would "read" the tempo of the song, with my guitar silent struming at the beginning of the song ? A modifier ? As an LFO can control a Wha pedal for example ? Thank you very much if you got a tip !


  • Milos
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    For now, it is best to use alternatives, since GR doesn't have that feature.

    If you have a DAW, you can just change the tempo on a certain bar of the song, for example.

    I do that when I am composing stuff.

  • mykejb
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    This is an excellent hardware tap tempo pedal if you have 5-pin MIDI in and don't mind another pedal on the floor.

    Ploytec 34oneII MIDI Clock Tap Tempo Pedal at Juno Records.

    -- Mike

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    Thanks Mike... still searching :)

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    If you want to use your midi foot controller for tap tempo but it doesn't work because of the on/off/on messages it sends you can use the Macros component as a workaround. Here is what you need to do:

    • Open the Macros component
    • Right-click on any knob.
    • Select "Toggle Knob/Button Mode" to make it a button
    • Right-click again on that button
    • Select "Enable Hold Mode"
    • Right-click again on that button
    • Select "Learn MIDI Control"
    • Hit the button on your midi controller you want to use for tap tempo
    • Assign the Macro Button you just configured to the Tap tempo parameter of the component you want to control (e.g. the Psyche Delay) or the Tap tempo on the Metronome (if you want to set the global tempo) by dragging the number that is next to the Macro Button on top of that Tap tempo parameter.

    Now you should be able to tap the tempo with your midi controller.

    I hope this helps, please let me know if you have any further question.

    That idea with the tempo detection from the guitar signal is a really good one. We might look into this at some point, but no promises. Thank you for the suggestion.

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    Thank you very much Eddie for your Help... But doesn't work better than assign my button directly to Tap Metronome button.... The "off" tap still remain unefficient...

    To inspire you and developpe a tempo detection button, I got the idea from the TC electronic pedal "Alter Ego" and it's "Audio-taping feature"

    Thank's again ! Still searching... (That's life... and plaisant !)

  • Eddie_NI
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    That is odd. What kind of midi footswitch are you using? Did you make sure to use enable the Hold Mode on the Macro button?

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