Session compatibility broken with Kontakt 7 NI Instruments Upgrades

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Hi, apologies if this has been answered previously - couldn't find it.

So I upgraded to Kontakt 7. Previous sessions (Logic) using Kontakt 6 had the plug-in named as "Kontakt" - the new version is labeled as "Kontakt 7".

Now the newer version of Analog Dreams, Ethereal Earth and Modular Icons only run in Kontakt 7. The problem is, they won't load in the original Kontakt 6 plug-in now, breaking session compatibility.

I see a possible solution is downgrading the versions of those 3 effects but are there other options, such as renaming Kontakt 7 plug-in to show up as "Kontakt" so I could seamlessly use the new version on old sessions? Any other solutions? I'd like to preserve my settings and will downgrade if I must since this has broken old sessions. Thanks!

TLDR: Upgraded to Kontakt 7, now Kontakt 6 sessions won't run Analog Dreams, Modular Icons and Ethereal Earth, resulting in lost settings and broken tracks.


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    Because the K6 is at that moment too old to run these instruments.

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    Thanks, yes - I understand. My question is there a way to allow the settings of these effects to transfer over to Kontakt 7, aside from saving them as patches? Like ideally, Kontakt 7 would just be "Kontakt" so I could open a session last saved with Kontakt 6 and they would retain all settings. Is this not possible?

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    What do you mean by 'effects'?

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    @badlands Auto migration from previous Kontakt versions is only possible with a few DAWs: Notes about Auto-Migration of Kontakt Versions in DAW Projects

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